So... Whats Your Point?

By Alliebnyseg

I hope you’re here to stay
I hope I can keep it that way
I hope I can be brave enough to learn
your hopes, your dreams, the things that you yearn

I wish I could be as brave as that day
When all I could think of was how I would say
I love you more than you'll ever know
Will you take your chance? Will you let it show?

Whatever happens, happens
Go with the flow right?
But then the stars are just as cold
As a day without you, and the following night

Don’t make a mess
End things quick
before someone gets hurt
Before I get sick

I’m tired of fairy tales
Thinking someday you’ll care...

If you’re not here to stay
say it won’t work that way

Why keep me waiting

Should I wait anyways?

Just keep smiling...

No one can see the pain...

To lose is to live
The fight is alright

Don’t worry about love
Ill only get upset
even though you’re just as close
As close as id ever get

Happiness is what I create
My life is what I give to you

Things might not make sense...
And we don’t have anything in common...

So... what’s your point?

So... Whats Your Point?

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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