cross it

By whitesharkmoon

"You can cross it. It´s easy. See, I did it and I´m fine." said the little boy with a smile on his face.

 "I don´t know, I´m affraid." said the little girl, fear pinching her voice to a squeak.

 "You won´t be able to see the other side from over there silly, you need to come over here so I can show you!" said the little boy, slightly annoyed by her hesitancy. 

"I know." agreed the little girl quietly, sadness filling her eyes. 

"Well, come on then. There´s so much I wanna show you. You won´t believe your eyes! I promise! Just... trust me." said the little boy, all cheerful and confident, trying to encourage his little friend. 

"..... ok." said the little girl after a few seconds, took a deep breath and stepped forward.

And then she never spoke again.  

cross it

Created: Feb 20, 2013

Tags: bridge, nature, short story, black and white, sad, wood, forest, landscape, high-res, digital, photograph

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