The Sun Rose And The Sun Set

By technofunkie

The sun rose and the sun set, everything in between was the same for Bobby Angroft. He’d wake up late, smoke pot, go hiking, get drunk then pass out. He was 16 and it was the summer after grade 11. His family, or what’s left of it, didn’t always live out in the sticks. When Bobby’s mom left, his dad moved them out of the city. Bobby was too young to remember city life as he was only 4 when they moved.

His brother, Chris, was 15 when they moved and still works in the city. He drives an hour each way to get to his carpentry job in the city. Bobby is left alone during the days as his brother is gone to work and his dad is away weeks at a time working as a truck driver. His brother was more of a dad to him than their dad was to Bobby.

The only real female figure in Bobby’s life was Chris’ girlfriend, Amy. Amy was 24, she had long brown hair and was, by a long shot, the most beautiful woman in the town. While it is true that most of the women in the town were about as good looking as the men with long hair, by normal standards she was still gorgeous. Chris had always never fully felt comfortable with her looks. He didn’t understand why a girl like her would date a guy like him.

When he would go on walks with her or out to town, he’d see people looking at them and in his head he knew they were thinking how’d he get her? However he wasn’t jealous, it was partly because jealously wasn’t in his nature and because he knew his mom left his dad because he was too jealous, at least that is what he was told.

Amy was probably at their house more than Chris was, as she worked in the town and would be home soon after to cook dinner before Chris got home. Bobby hated being home alone with Amy, as he was very attracted to her. When he was 14, Chris caught him looking at Amy in the shower and he took Bobby and threw him outside as if he was a dog.

Amy made Chris go out and find Bobby, which ended up taking 2 hours because Bobby ran to the woods and got lost in the dark. Chris found Bobby crying by a sewer pipe draining into the river.

Since summer vacation had started, Bobby had yet to find a job which was the only goal Chris had gave Bobby.

“This was really was not worth it, it’s just gross” Terry says as if the words just came out with his sigh of disappointment. “but the grossness is the point asshole” Bobby replies as they stand over a rotting horses corpse, “it was worth it” Bobby mutters.

Bobby had convinced his best friend Terry to come out early that morning to see the dead horse he found in the forest. They later found out that Karl Labinsky had tried to go for a ride after drinking a 26er of whiskey and 6 beers. He fell off and passed out while the horse continued to its death. Karl was fine; he even woke up with no hangover, or at least a very mild one.

The rest of the horse day was spent smoking pot and shooting Terry’s dad’s rifle before he caught them and half jokingly told them he’d shoot them if they used it again. When Bobby got home that night he was relieved to find that Amy wasn’t home, but pissed when he realized that there was no dinner made.

After arguing with himself on if he should try to cook or wait till Amy or Chris got home, he decided to sleep instead. Drool was falling down his mouth as he woke up from the phone ringing. He stands up, confused walking out into the hallway trying to figure out where the phone is but the ring seems to be coming from all directions. The ringing stopped, but he knew he couldn’t fall asleep again. He went downstairs. The house was completely dark and it was only 10 pm. Maybe Chris’ car broke down or maybe they were fucking upstairs. He went upstairs to see if he could hear there grunts and moans. Nothing.

This had never happened before. Chris was always home at night. He started to worry. The ringing, now louder, returned. The phone was where it always was, beside the fridge, attached to the wall. “Chris?” Bobby asks, “huh?, no, it’s Terry” “oh, what do you want?” asks Bobby, “my dad passed out at my uncles and he left a 24 here, wanna come drink?” “umm…ya ok” Bobby hangs up the phone and grabs his jacket.

His night ended with him drinking 10 beers, puking, drinking another, puking into Terry’s closet and sneaking into Karl Labinski’s pig farm and slapping the pigs silly.

Bobby woke up the next morning on his porch, lying on two chairs. He got up. Chris’ car was in the driveway.

“Hello?” Bobby mutters as he walks in. Chris is asleep on the couch, whiskey stains his clothes and the carpet below him. Bobby flicks his ear. “What?” Chris replies, without opening his eyes. “What happened last night?” Bobby asks in a gravely voice. “Amy left” Chris looks up at Bobby, his face is swollen and red, his eyes have no trace of white left in them. “Left till when?” Bobby asks, not yet realizing what he means. “forever, she fucking left” Chris replies, “I came home and her stuff was gone, I was expecting dinner and I got that” Chris says before his face wrinkles as he starts to cry. Bobby stands there for a minute, he has never seen Chris cry. He shifts his foot one way and walks upstairs. He goes to shower, something he hasn’t done in a while.

He stands in the hot shower, not moving or thinking. Ten minutes pass ending with Bobby finding a scar on his stomach that he thinks, maybe he has never seen before.

A week goes by, no call from Amy, no news, no letter and no explanation. Chris started to go back to work after the first week and Bobby continued on with his summer. There was something missing in that house but Bobby didn’t want to bring Amy up, as he didn’t want to see Chris cry again.

Bobby and Terry were waiting outside the convenience store trying to get someone to buy them liquor, when a woman recognizes Bobby and walks up, “Bobby Angroft?” “yes?” Bobby replied looking at her with a look of pure confusion. “I am Mrs. Baker, I baby sat you when you were young and now your brother’s girlfriend babysits my kids” she says, “oh well,” Bobby stops not sure what to say. “I haven’t heard from Amy in a while, could you ask her to call Frank and I?” Mrs Baker says, Bobby looks at her fat, sweating face, “uh…she doesn’t live with us anymore…” Bobby replies, “oh I didn’t, sorry” Mrs Baker stands there for a second longer before awkwardly walking away.

“Terry I am going home” Bobby says, Terry looks at him like a sad dog but doesn’t say anything. Bobby walks home. Near his house he sees a dead cat, its organs have been spread out as if it were tentacles. He stares at it for a minute and his eyes start to water, he stops it and continues home. When he gets into his driveway, Chris pulls up in the truck, “Get in”. Bobby walks around and gets into the truck.

They drive along the country road, silently for a couple minutes. Bobby looks out at the farms that flash by. “I don’t think Dad is coming home” Chris says, breaking the silence, “what?” Bobby replies. “You know that he should have been home months ago, and I haven’t heard from him in a really long time Bobby” Chris says, turning and looking at Bobby, “I think it’s just you and me now Buddy” Chris says as Bobby turns back to the farms.

Chris pulls the truck into an old car repair shop. “Get out” Chris says. They both get out of the truck. The car repair shop looks as if it hasn’t been used in ages. “This is ours now, Bobby” “What do you mean?” “I got it” “Why?” “because Bobby, I am tired of working in the city for other people, so I am opening my own carpentry shop here” Chris says, Bobby looks at him blankly. “and you have a job this summer helping me convert it into a carpentry shop.”

Chris looks at Bobby, “look, we just got each other now, we gotta look out for each other and keep us together, we aren’t going to split up”. “You’ll start working for me Monday, so you better get your fucking around done this weekend because it is going to be hard work for the rest of the summer.”

On the drive home, they drove past an angry, disappointed Terry, who was unsuccessful in his hour long solo journey for finding booze. They picked him up and Chris drove to the store and got a 24 of beer for them.

They both drank so much in the first hour and a half that they pass out on the couch by the time Chris finishes making dinner. Bobby wakes up the next morning, his hang over is so bad it hurts him to open his eyes. He loads his bag with water and walks out of the house. Once outside he realizes it couldn’t be later than eight in the morning. He heads to the forest behind his backyard and starts walking. He wonders if he is still drunk just before he pukes onto a tree covered in mushrooms. He keeps going.

The sound of rushing water begins to fade into his ears. Without thinking he follows the sound, as it gets louder he sees the sewer pipe draining into the river. Just as the sound faded in, the rotting smell of a dead animal starts to fade into his nose. He walks towards the smell, as it burns into his nose. The rushing water cancels out all other sound. He sees what he assumes is a dead animal pressed against the inside of the pipe against the metal gate. In the water he sees hair, long hair, coming out of, what appears to be a garbage bag inside the tunnel. The long brown hair is being whipped around by the slight but violent stream coming out of the pipe.

The smell begins to overwhelm his already sensitive head as he begins to puke but only water comes out. He walks towards the gates and takes a hold of the bars. It opens with no problem, something he didn’t expect. He looks around, the forest looks different. He was never made nervous by it, but now it seems darker, more dangerous. He looks back, he know sees what he knew was there, a girl, wrapped in plastic, dead, rotted and wet. He reaches his trembling hands towards her head and pulls at the plastic before her face is revealed, he falls back. He pulls himself up, now wet and muddy. He grabs a hold of the plastic and pulls it, water splashes on him as he pulls the body up onto land.

He sits there, beside the body, still wrapped in plastic on the side of the creek. He can’t get himself to take the plastic from her face, he know it is going to be Amy. He sits on the dirt for a minute. He feels the cold dirt under his jeans. The bare rotted arm hangs from the plastic, he holds it. He isn’t sure how long he sits there.

His face clenches up as he starts to cry.

Bobby walks up to his house. Chris sits on the back porch smoking a cigarette, he smiles when he sees Bobby walking up to the house, his expression changes to that of stone when he sees Bobby’s face.

“What happened?” Chris says, as Bobby walks past him. Chris follows Bobby as he goes upstairs into his room.

“I am coming in Bobby” Chris says. “I am coming in” He says again, this time with less confidence as he realizes what may have happened.

The door opens, Chris walks in. Bobby lies in his bed, sheets up to his face, the room is dark.
Chris walks over to him.

Silence for a minute or two, as Chris thinks of what to say.

“You know, your still a kid, and you don’t get how things are” Chris says quietly.

“It didn’t happen on purpose” Chris sits on Bobby’s Bed.

“Get the fuck out of my bed!” Bobby screams with the ferocity of a young child’s temper tantrum. Chris quickly stands up.

“I can’t make an excuse for what happened, but she was going to leave, us” Chris says.

“I came home, early, and she was packing her stuff” Chris says, “I lost my temper and pushed her, she fell and hit her head…it wasn’t on purpose, I mean fuck!” Chris begins to cry. “I fucking loved her, so much and she was going to repay me by leaving me, us, leaving us.”

“I just couldn’t take us being abandoned by anyone else…Bobby you know I love you and I never meant for it to turn out this way.”

Bobby opens his eyes, and looks at Chris.

“Its just us Bobby, we have to take care of each other, I can’t lose you and you can’t lose me”
“We can’t count on anyone else except ourselves Bobby”

“I can never forgive myself for what I did, but the important thing is that we stay together on this” Chris slowly sits on the bed and puts his hand on Bobby’s face, “we are going to be OK”.

Chris gets up and walks downstairs, he comes back up with a glass of water. Bobby has his eyes closed. He puts it on the table and walks downstairs. Chris begins to cry.

Bobby wakes up. He looks at his window, its night. His face is swollen from crying. He reaches for the glass by his bed. He starts to drink, once all the water is gone he sees a ant at the bottom of the glass. It’s trying to climb out of the glass. He wonders how long the ant was in the glass and why it didn’t drown yet.


The Sun Rose And The Sun Set

Created: Jul 26, 2010


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