A is for Astronaut: REmix

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This is a REmix of the Tiny Story "A is for Astronaut" by deeasherself. This Tiny Story jumped out at me because it triggered my imagination instantly: What happened to the Captain? Who is the narrator? What is the mission they are on?

What I tried to do with various editing techniques, and very novice "special effects," is to create the accident that sent the Captain into the abyss of space. The public domain footage I used didn't have any accident footage so I had to try and cut something together that resembled one. Hopefully that comes through in the video.

Here are the public domain links:

"Astronaut Flying": http://www.archive.org/details/AstronautFlying

"We Deliver": http://www.archive.org/details/JSC_830_We_Deliver.wmv

Created: Jul 26, 2010

Tags: fix, space, footage, solar system, captain, astronauts, star, space shuttle, cloud, nasa, fly away, death, stars, sun, planets, piano, lost, music, shine, picture, score, photo, cutting, milky way, org, tiny story, dedication, story, jet, short, public domain, deeasherself, instrumental, sky, flute, archive.org, drift, fall, smoke, helmet, glow, glass, memory, blue, logo, colors, flying, clouds, spacesuit, black, cut, rocket, zero, hue, space ship, planet, archives, facemask, crew, gravity, astronaut, dying, domain, bright, outer space, suit, stock, galaxy, shuttle, editing, orbit, repair, earth, orbiting, solar, fixing, spaceship, fly, edit, dead, lose, air, losing, face mask

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