Vital Signs

By NaturallyInspired

I thought to cut my heart out to examine its vital signs,
But it was darker than the space between stars and opaque from the outside.
It glowed with a bleeding ruby shine in the silent bleeding night,
And as it lay under the sun, it refracted rays of light.
The red was a burning anger, afflicting others and self alike,
The blue a sad, despairing longing, my heart heaving a sigh.
The ultraviolet was my regret for things I should have done,
The violet was my thin façade of hope for what’s to come.
The proof of life was the violent throb from the curved, metallic whole,
The proof of death the heavy emptiness of a black hole.

Vital Signs

Created: Jul 25, 2010

Tags: vital signs, heart, examination, contemplation, poetry

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