Battle of Forever

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I puke and bleed and burn like hell
‘til I’ve completely purged myself
the sun beats down on me constantly,
rhythmically, tirelessly,
but under the swelter, I refuse to swoon.
Faced with only a rock,
a hard place, a sea, and a wall,
I utterly refuse to die.
The decision is never easy, but simple.
Knowing that I can’t fly to escape,
though I can’t see the other side,
I pretend the sea is a lake
and everything’s alright.
I choose to look for a fight,
become convinced that there’s pleasure in the pain.
And then,
gradually the pain fades away
and as night comes and passes into day,
I’m strong enough to carry the weight,
even though it seems like it’s greater
for me than it is for those around,
I curb my pride, bow my head,
and cut emotion to a thread,
and when the gunshot is heard and the fog clears away,
I haven’t hit the ground,
neither was the gun in my hand, nor the barrel at my head,
and if it was, the shot was never close.
Instead, I dodged,
hit the gunman,
my duplicate, my demon within,
with everything I had
and left him dead to contemplate his next eight lives
with my guardian angel as a watchman.

Created: Jul 25, 2010

Tags: reflection, poetry, lyrics

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