Song writer

By Shemily21

play me song

a song of love
a song of trials
a song of overcoming

i need to hear your words
they always sounded better

pick up your guitar
and sing to me

sing of happiness
sing of broken hearts
sing of mistakes

tell about all the things i've never felt
the promises i've never kept
and the problems i'll never face

so play me song
just sing to me

sing about what you've been missing out on
and i promise to stay by your side

take my hand
and play me a song

play a song that will make the world envious
a song for me
one of how i make you feel

try your hardest
to put into words
all the things you can't express

so play my song
sing it loud from the rooftops
i'll hear it
i promise

Song writer

Created: Jul 25, 2010


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