Obsessive Fans (Poem)

By ransomofroses

Obsessive Fans

I know your name, your height, your age.
I often wish we were engaged.
Is this mutual love? Oh no.
But soon it'll blossom, with beauty, and grow.
Your face plasters my white-washed walls.
Your smile will catch me as I fall.
Ah, blissful joy when your name is spoken.
It mends my heart when it is broken.
But a one-way ticket to love is fickle.
You can't arrive with just a nickel.
Flowers is what you need, my love.
Not help or guidance from above.
I hope you know my name also.
I hope your love for will glow.
I pray with courage you know I exist.
I hope it was my face you missed.
But darling, you never returned to me.
I search, I look, but never see,
How one day, you deserted my life.
But soon you will return, and cure my strife.


From ransomofroses:
I based this poem on our fame-obsessed culture, and how some fans can feel that they have a strong personal link with a celebrity or famous person, which can be a sad and misunderstood obsession with any particular person.

Obsessive Fans (Poem)

Created: Jul 25, 2010


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