Of imperfections to art

By of_imperfections

So thing is, I have a lot of flaws, which I know makes me human and I should accept them. But sometimes those flaws just get to you and you feel like you're the only one with them, at least I do. So here is one of my many flaws: my eyes. On first glance, my eyes are physically flawed in that one has a double eyelid and the other does not. It bothers me how I just can't be symmetrical... And I can go on and on about my eyes: too small, there's a mole by it, I look like I'm sleepy all the time, etc.

On another level, my imperfect eyes also represent something else. I'm blind to a lot of things in the world, sometimes it's because I choose not to see things and sometimes it's because I just can't see what everyone around me sees... and it frustrates me because it opens the door to a whole load of other flaws I have...

Despite it all, I'm optimistic. I do believe that sometimes our flaws can be a good thing, that sometimes what's ugly to us can become art, somehow, someway. So here's my first step towards making my imperfection something other than a flaw... a RECord.

So my question to you all is what's your imperfection?

Of imperfections to art

Created: Jul 25, 2010


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