For the Peter in all of us!

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peter, never never land, j.m. barrie, words, magic, dust, pixie

I just finished reading the magical Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie to the kids I babysit and got alittle into it so here's what I wrote! hope you enjoy it!

Stuck between
The skin of a boy
whilst bones aching
to become a man

Second star to the right and
straight on 'til morning
Flying above clear blue
Sparkling seas
Ticking reptiles
With toothy grins

Looking bright
Looking strong
Holding tight
And holding on
To the lost boys

Those who had returned
they got older
finding the holes
They never wanted to see

So hold on
Hold tight
Hold on faster
For me

Ones that never grew up
The others whom never woke up
What happy little fates
Never being in a state

Of running by the clock
Rather then the cockerels call
Of sitting in a four walled room
Rather then being happy
As if once again
within your mother

Created: Jun 20, 2009

Tags: dust, words, pixie, peter, j.m. barrie, never never land, magic

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