Me and hitrecord

By djnamelis

I asked myself, why I sign up to the And I have started thinking. First, I think I found this site, well actually I accidentally saw in youtube… then everything started. But first.
A few years ago I saw a movie: “The Lookout”, I think it was the beginning, because after that I thought that man is really talented actor (Joe). So when I found hitrecord I didn’t sign up first, I tried to do something similar as Joe did in the record who explained what is hitrecord. After that I thought I should sign up to hitrecord it gotta be fun. I remember how hitrecord looked in past, well I liked that design of the site. I thought wow, there are so many talented people in hitrecord, god damn… So, I started loading my stuff and hell knows, when I saw the first heart of my work I was happier than somebody else. Further, hitrecord became a professional collaborative production company, then I thought, well it‘s gonna be interesting. And it was. I gotta thanks to Joe for this. Everything became much more interesting. It might be that your stuff can be in money making production, and that‘s great. Well it would be great if I could show my music and put it in a movie...well it‘s just a dream but...
Ok, I wish hitrecord all the best.
Again by heart<3

Me and hitrecord

Created: Jul 25, 2010


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