Thematic video for the website

By Adimaginem

This is an idea for a theme video that attempts to describe the essence of what is about. T-shirts could be a fruit of this.

You know that game where you're dancing or whatever and you have an imaginary ball and you pass that ball to the next person and they do something different with it. Um maybe you know what I’m talking about and maybe you don’t. In any case here’s my quick pitch.

Take the circle theme from the hit record, put it in a setting. It gets passed along to x, y, and z. And becomes this or that in setting a, b, and c. This could be incorporated into music, or any of the variety of visual art stuff that’s going on here at hitrecord.

For example it could be the bottom of a glass out of which pours a Technicolor swirl that fills a black and white. The circle theme could go from a plate, to a ring, to a globe, to a solar system, to a record (the traces of the planets around the sun being the lines on the record.)

Thematic video for the website

Created: Jul 25, 2010


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