"The Forbbiden" Poem

By Sirius_Dan

Inspired by Dante Basco, and Some events in my life, I wrote and recorded this poem "The Forbidden"

"The forbidden"

Give up the fight strong girl, I have you surrounded.

I broke down your wall so you have no choice but to fall, Into me.

When I look at you, your eyes are on fire with same flame that boils my blood when Im in your presence.

PRESENTS, are something you would give to me on a holiday, but your presence, is more than I could ever ask for.

When I first met you, I SWORE, that I would get you,

To myself.

And I aint gonna lie at first I was shy, I thought you were nice, But it was your handshake to me, that broke the ice..

I been waiting for something like this.. so check it,

if 2's and's 5's can get you elevens,
I Know inside that im sixes and sevens but girl your a gift from the heavens!

At least that's what I like to think, Then I let reality Sink..


now skipping ahead, from the start Ill admit it,
Ida done anything. to see inside your heart, for minute.

So Listen I'm honest I'm a daydreamer and I dont like reality you know? me either..

Thats why this is a bitter sweet Story

Im sure because of this ill foe you , But I had to show you, were, not, alone, so All I can do is know you..

just, know you.

They sky can frown, you can beat me down but now I have to break your heart.

Ive been alone and together, So I wonder if were better?
that's why Im writing this letter.

I. met. you.

And Thats the end of this story it ends in hurry so there's no need to worry


I burst at the seams when were on other teams...
Maybe I thought differently than what "this" even means

But just when I thought the gods heard my screams? I woke up to realise, Your not even real, your only in my dreams.


Created: Jul 25, 2010


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