Wait * ress

By bmaesays

Waspy waisted and pert-ily curvy
(even) Dressed up in Drab- apron and oxford
Pen clicking smartly

Walking in endless rounds
Building merit with decaf ablutions
“Om s. Silvia, how are you?”



Hum-ing to herself a theme song,
singing foreshadowing like
she's already scripted.

Tomorrow's starlet in todays' cafe.
She must be on her way some(marquis announcing)where
She can't be ready to endup anyWhere;

Yet; “the usual?” again and again.

She asks after their children and spouses,
their soldiers home from war. The state of
this year's sunflowers.

Comfort falls
from the saucy gap between her teeth.

Bowing, bending ballet,
Serving, swerving, waiting, waiting,
(She must be) Waiting to reincarnate.

To name (above the title) in lights.
To silver screen deification.

Waiting to hide from flashbulbs
to wish
for something simpler.

A turn about the dining room.

One day she'll change coffeepot-
for heart-

Wait * ress

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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