Dreaming Couplets and Poems

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All of these mixed emotions are like tumbling drops of rain.
Each one has come and gone, yet you will see them all again.


This life will come and go as the train I regret to miss.
But sleep is where I live my life, absorbed in stunning bliss.


My slumber is sweet and deep, without blistering twists,
But dreams that I forget by light are stories lost in mist.


Suppose, my dreams
Were not dreams,
But infact lives I have forgotten.
I shall ask them what becomes of me,
And hope they shall not turn


From ransomofroses:
I may upload several accompanying pictures to these Poems, but feel free to mix them up a bit, record yourself, or anything!
These rhymes are simply dream-inspired, hazy phrases which I vaguely remember from lucid dreams.

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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