I'll be there for you

By sandy

A text I wrote, not a poem, not a story, only a feeling that I want to share. For someone, who I hope, will recognize itself...

When you have doubts, are listening to your heart, it will give you the right way

When you are looking for you, are watching behind you and see all the way you have done

When you are alone, I would like to be there with you

When you are sad, I would like to give you some sun in your heart

When you are fragile, don’t be afraid to ask some help

I’m glad you give me a place in your heart when you are not well

But when you go fine, please close this door where I am

Make me a favor, and enjoy your life of the best as you can

I'll be there for you

Created: Jun 13, 2009

Tags: hope, friendship, support

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