Half Moon Daze

By Stock and Socks

Andromeda speaks softly:
Go forth to the north,
Sway with the night sky
And all its creatures
And characters and gods-
Will guide you.

Do we move forward or backwards?
On this spinning girth of rock, magma
And two-eyed two-headed beings

Do the Ursa’s resonate in their designated keys?

Does the center sun envy us or do we him?

These questions and more will be answered
Between parallels
With sands of time between our toes,

So I walk and stride
On the nose of the equator,
Along the cusp of existence.

Spinning the earth with my feet.
Moving the air with my hands,
And dancing with my mind in the stars.

Her voice softly whispers,
“The sky holds secrets”
Then the notes settle,

I move
Into the shifting sky
Stalking north, as if to know

I will be there one day,
Where they are,
Where we all hope to be,
Where soon we all will be,
Where we already are…underneath stars.

Half Moon Daze

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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