The REGULARITY (#28) 07-24-10

By The Regularity

Welcome new hitRECorders! Here's 10 Collaborations I'd love for you to work on. Click on RESOURCES below for links to the collabs' pages.

Now, everything we work on here at has the potential to make its way into one of our Productions. Maybe it gets screened at a live event, maybe it ends up on the DVD/book we're putting out, or who knows what else? These ten projects in particular are going so well so far, I think it's only a matter of time before they end up produced. So hop on and contribute! Please :o)

Also, Jared is almost done with the first phase of logistics to get our contributing artists paid for our last Production at SxSW. Next week, we'll post our proposals, as we do, and once the community has had a chance to discuss everything, we'll be sending out those checks.

Our next Production will be three shows this summer in NYC called SUMMER IN THE CITY. It's gonna be a rockin night out on the town.

Now get to work!

Final Cut Pro by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY (#28) 07-24-10

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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