The White Wolf

By iantense

Years ago, in a small town in Montana, a farmer and his friends walked out of a bar. They didn't have enough to drink that they were tipsy, but it would be a good idea not to drive. The three men split up at a cross-walk, and one of them walked another 20 feet to his farm house. he turned on the lights, hung up his coat, and sat down in a chair, with a good view of his goats out in a field. However, something wasn't right, as half of his sheep were missing, and his field was painted crimson. The farmer let out a gasp and reached for his Ruger Red Label 12ga 26in Blued BBL & SS walnut colored shotgun and loaded it with 2 large metal slugs. He then sat outside on his back porch with his trigger finger ready for whatever he saw. Almost 20 minutes passed before a dark figure appeared out of some bushes. However, when it stepped into view, the farmer realized it was a snow white wolf, with only a few blood stained hairs on its mouth. The farmer gasped, as he had never seen such an animal, but then re-aimed his gun at the animals torso. He fired one slug, and he knew that it hit his target, because the wolf was knocked backwards, and rolled 2 feet from where he was standing. The farmer smiled, but then frowned in confusion as the wolf got up, completely unscathed. The wolf snarled but jumped back into the bush. The farmer was frightened, but he locked his house doors, and fell asleep. When he woke up in the morning and looked outside, he bared witness to the white wolf biting the head off of a goat. The farmer grabbed his gun, loaded it with two buckshots, and proceeded outside. However, this time he didn't stop at the porch. Instead he walked ten feet away from the wolf, and let a round into him. The wolf fell back again. While the wolf was on the ground, the farmer walked up right next to it, and emptied another cartridge into his ribcage. The farmer was out of ammo, and he retreated to his porch, but kept his eyes on the, now upright, wolf. Again, he was showing no wounds. The wolf snarled again at the farmer and went away, into the bushes. The farmer was disjointed at how this wolf was able to stay alive, so he reached for his most powerful weapon, a harpoon gun. He took the weapon and one of his 3 goats up to the top of a hill where 2 trees sat. he tied the goat up to a tree, and the farmer sat behind another one, ready to kill the wolf. Four days passed before the night in the bar, and the farmers two friends hadn't seen him since. They searched everywhere for him, until one day, they looked on the top of the hill, only to find a starving goat in need of food, and the farmer sitting behind his tree, holding his harpoon gun, ready to kill the wolf. However the farmer was dead, with a hole in his neck, and his throat ripped open.

The White Wolf

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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