A Conversation With Oneself.

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There is a very polished older man at an art gallery. It is a gallery opening so there are many people around. He stops at a couple of paintings, shaking his head in approval. He looks around and sees a young girl sipping wine by herself in a corner. She catches him staring at him and smiles. The older man saunters over to her.
"Hi" he says.
"Hi" she says.
He points to the painting the girl is standing in front of. It is of a winged colorful creature soaring across a black canvas.
"Wonderful isn't it?" He says. "The way he incorporates color and brushstrokes to express emotion. This one is very liberating."
"Yeah. This one is my favorite." The girl sips her wine.
They stare at the painting in silence, smiling at each other.
"Have you been to Venice?" He asks the girl.
"No. No I haven't."
"You looked well travelled. Are you an artist? You look like an artist."
"No. I am not an artist"
The man looks at the young girl approvingly. His stare lingers on her bosom.
"What do you do?" He asks looking up.
"I am a writer." The girl says with a smile. She sips her wine again.
"Oh! Then you must be familiar with Haruki Murakami."
"The designer?"
"No. The novelist."
"No, I'm not familiar with him."
"Well you must read his work! Are you a student? Have you graduated?"
"I dropped out when I was 19."
"I see. I'm just wondering, how old are you?"
There is a moment's pause as the man moves to let someone pass by him. His hand rests on the girl's back.
The man takes the girl's hand and gazes at it.
"You have beautiful hands." He says.
"Thank you. I try to take care of them. Youth only comes once."
"Indeed. And eyes. You have beautiful eyes."
"Thank you."
"Have you been to Paris? Are you well versed in French?" He asks.
"No I'm afraid not."
"Vous paraîtriez plus bel avec vos vêtements de." (French; You would look more beautiful with your clothes off)
The man puts down his cup and takes the girl's face in his hand. He stares at her intently, moving her face left to right. He traces her lips with his thumb. She closes her eyes. He leans in and kisses her. They kiss passionately for a while. Suddenly the girl withdraws and pours her wine over his head. He looks at her in anger.
"Jetzt sind Sie das, das einer zu werden beurteilt. " (German; Now you are the one being judged). She slightly curtsies and walks away.
People stare at the older man as they pass by him.

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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