Can You Remember?

By em0tionalprayer

Can you remember living in a world of peace and equality?
Once upon a time this fairy tale world was supposed to exist,
It seems that it has disappeared from this planet
Or was it ever really there?

Can you remember a time when the boy with crooked spine was never laughed at?
He walked down the halls and carried all his own books,
Smiling at the students who pointed
Ignoring the stares and jokes

Can you remember when a teenage mother wasn’t criticized or called a slut?
How was she to know that her drink was tampered with?
She smiles through the tears, and loves her son dearly.
Wants to make up for the mother who left her as a child

Can you remember seeing the one legged man and not feeling sorrow?
He works every day of his life to survive.
Grinning even though he feels pain
Not wanting pity, but friendship

Can you remember never feeling pain in your heart?
Caring for someone who never felt the same
Loving that person unconditionally
Yet never having those feelings reciprocated

Can you remember treating all friends and family as equals?
Looking down on your sister because she was slow
Talking about a friend behind his back
Knowing you love them but not speaking to them kindly

Can you remember when you were looked down on?
The tears you cried at night
Pain that was hidden beneath the surface
Still you look down on others

Can you remember reading this and not feeling guilt?
You laughed at the boy
You felt sorrow for that man
You read this, felt guilt, but continued your ways.

Can You Remember?

Created: Jul 24, 2010

Tags: poetry

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