By em0tionalprayer

Written in high school...can you tell?
Crying myself to sleep for weeks on end
It seems quite pointless now
Why do I do it?
You don't care anymore.
Did I actually think it'd bring you back?
I was relying on the soft, kindhearted person I once loved.
The person I knew exactly how to manipulate
I used it to my advantage
I won't deny it
I had you wrapped around my pink finger
When I said 'jump'
You asked 'how high?'
It was wrong
I was wrong
This reality has finally hit me
I didn't know I loved you.
Now that you're gone its all hit me at once
I miss you
your hugs
your smile
your tears
your kiss
your love...
I'm sorry


Created: Jul 24, 2010

Tags: poetry

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