I have a script and i need help!

By RenaeRieden

I have this script that I am going to start working on I have the concept but I think it could use some help. So HELP PLEASE!

The concept is there is this woman who has an affair with a married man. And she kills him and his family because of course he would like to go back to his wife. Cliche right? So after she murders them she goes to this dive bar. And she imagines the man she was having an affair with(lets call him mark) walk into this bar she is at. now remember he is a figment of her imagination. And he tells her he wants her and not his wife yada yada yada so then the police come and arrest him but in reality it is her. she has made this alternate personality. And she screams and begs them not to take him. So she finds out that night on the news what "he" did and doesn't care she still loves him. so she goes to sleep that night and has "dreams"of her being arrested and taking to a mentally facility.So basically she killed the guy and his family but she is psycho and makes this alternate personality. But when she falls asleep she sees the reality of things. she sees what really happening to her but when she is "awake" her mind thinks it him who has done all these things

I have a script and i need help!

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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