It's Never Real Here.

By Miranda Writes

…I heard it,

the sound of white noise faint on a broken record player as a soft world of white fazed around me. My body floated in the snowy space; hues of colors in pinks and blues slowly danced around my fingers.

….I saw it,

The blank heaven shedded it’s skin to reveal the simultaneous formation of the sky and the sea; flowing in like mist, ever so slowly.

…I closed my eyes,

as i listened intently to the whitest of noise.

...I heard a laugh.

A beautiful laugh. A laugh so real, it's sound resinated like a newly rosined bow swept at the neck of a cello. It reminded me deeply of something I knew... Or had once known. But nothing was real here. It's never real here.

My eyes opened to a midnight walk near the sea. The night air was crisp with an unimaginable moisture. My lips stung of salt while I walked at a slow pace alongside a mysterious adolescent. We talked of goals, of memories, then slowed to a stop to catch our breaths from laughing at each other’s past experiences.

…we were still.

I looked to the bright moon. It’s light shone down upon us; acting as nature’s spotlight. The warm taste of silence caramelized around me as I slowly turned to face him. His bright eyes smiled kindredly into mine as he tried unsuccessfully to hide his sudden race of emotion. But through the darkness, his cheeks scorched like a flaming rose. And his soft brown hair unnoticeably trembled from my stare.

Moments faded as the waves continued to crash before us. His boyish smirk slowly softened; his eyes, a translucent mess. The moment filled in, with each step we took. Broken pieces to a film; each movement cascading harmoniously. Step by step we neared; we took no caution. My eyes closed, and I felt his cool, stuttered breath. Time itself even stopped to snatch a glimpse of the destined event. All at once, a bolt of electricity shot through my weightless body as we met. Butterflies bursted from my stomach, circling around us, as if they were closing us in a barrier. To us, time was but a distant memory as we held our stance.

A sudden drop of rain kissed our cheeks, interrupting, as we pulled apart. We looked to eachother as a sudden downpour of rain fell from the starless night. Looking up, we laughed at our sudden misfortune. With exchanged smirking looks, we both ran, hand in hand, to the feather-like sea. We were children playing, splashing, laughing in the sea’s shallow waters, neither one of us ever forgetting a night that was forever written in the stars

With tears streaming blue banners from my eyes, I awoke, to find myself safe inside the walls of my room. My heart ached with unsatisfaction as I continued to cower with shame. For I realized then, that I had been dreaming of a boy I had never even met.

It's Never Real Here.

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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