Skeletons Atlantic

By TheSerpentTheCharmer

So from here, you can see all these things that no one ever has
You will breathe in air that has since been untouched
The mouths of men will salivate for the taste of what we have
But there is no way they will ever reach for what we own
Cold and heartless, the sea is churning in darker shades of blue
And deeper down you'll find that the bitch has an angry heart
She's lonely and tired, every man she's ever had has died in her arms
There are an army of vessels that couldn't survive her affection
So she just kept trying to find anyone who could resist the waves
We are all so lonely in the darkness of this room, laid down at home
Not even the warm embrace of the night could keep us from being alone
Our vices are crutches and we will stumble with them to the end
Like a letter to a lover that no one will ever send
Traps open for the first hint of life to snap them closed
Hopelessness has found its way into the hearts of us all
Too bad for her we've been drunk since the sun went down
These monsters that crawl out from the dark, these horrid things
Were all once the daughters of a man too scared to embrace them
They are the children of a god too vain to say he made a mistake
And for that we will bring his kingdom down on his shoulders
At the end, it will be only the honest men who remain
With a trail of lifeless aspirations following them to the shore
We will be washed clean of all these tiresome memories
That swore to us that they would never, ever fade
You stole our hearts away from us, unaware that we are unafraid

Skeletons Atlantic

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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