Summer in the City (Illustration Remix)

By daysandhours

This is an enormous 4-color Summer in the City poster — the illustrated remix of it anyway. The concept is rather simple: hitRECord is the brainchild of RegularJoe, thus I've opened up his head (politely) and drew some stuff inside it. Some was done in my sketchbook, the rest was done straight in Photoshop with the help of my Wacom.

Feel super free to switch it up, remix it, collage your own RECords in it, on it, and through it. Switch the colors, erase all the text, make it move, shake, or speak. Hopefully I've just laid out a bit of a start, and with all you other amazing hitRECorders, it can turn into something neat.

UPDATE: Download the revised version (with the correct site address):

Summer in the City (Illustration Remix)

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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