Snowmen In Spring

By talltales225

Rolled together
piece by piece.
Everyone of us
so unique.

Buttons, carrot,
coal, and scarf.
Only surviving
in the cold and dark.

Spring rolls round.
We start to fall.
Going to pieces,
Hat and all.

Sun warms the earth.
We melt away.
All that's left is pieces
of the good old days.

Puddles gather
and evaporate.
Things are different
in the liquid state.

Hope seems lost,
dried up like us.
Swept away,
like scattered dust.

But we know the secret.
Nothing's lost.
We come back next year,
with the return of the frost.

It may seem sad,
watching snowmen in spring.
Seeing them melt
and start evaporating.

But we'll return next winter.
That we know.
As long as we have faith
that again it will snow.

Snowmen In Spring

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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