Empty Spaces

By talltales225

I’m falling short
of the goals set in place.
Full of nothing.
An empty space.

Who am I
but my choices?
What are words
without their voices?

Sleeping in
so as not to wake.
Never try
so as not to break.

What are trees
but their seeds?
Where am I
except where you’ve left me.

Waiting for something.
Waiting for a cue.
Waiting for nothing.
Waiting for you.

But there’s no cue
because I don’t have a part.
I don’t have a place.
I don’t have your heart.

But I’m still here
waiting for you.
It’s all that I am.
It’s all I can do.

So do me this favor.
Just help me once more.
Do me the honor
of this one friendly chore.

Don’t let me fall short.
Please give me a place.
See that I’m here.
Not just an empty space.

Empty Spaces

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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