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Cappuccino Machine (re: loops)

By ppeppina

Another short loop experiment, this time about the loops of everyday life, about some of those meaningless and still so important little patterns and questions I find myself repeating day after day. Again, everything you hear is loopable, and I'll upload the stems first thing tomorrow for remixing purposes! :)


Enjoy!! <3



1. "Wake up, drink a cup of coffee, spend a day doing what you do, and go to sleep again"

2. "I wish I had a cappuccino machine, basic coffeemaker isn't good enough for me!"

3. "Should I run? I could still catch that bus! No wait, it just left, I guess I'll be late again"

4. "Ohh, I'm so hungry, I would love to make some dinner, but I'm so damn tired I guess I'll just order some pizza"

Cappuccino Machine (re: loops)

Created: Feb 06, 2013

Tags: loop, vocal, cappuccino, ppeppina, machine, song, piano

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