Fallen Souls

By MinaRei

This is a poem I wrote way back in high school that I decided to record and mess around with in my new audio editor. Nothing special, I was just having some fun...

Here is the text version:

Her cold hard heart
Lay on the cold hard floor,
As her cold hard hand
Closed the cold hard door;

His raw red feet
Hit the raw red clay,
As his raw red lips
Bit their raw red prey;

Their dark deep secrets
Told dark deep lies,
While their dark deep bodies
Held dark deep sighs;

Now two broken corpses
Lie in two broken coffins,
Beneath two broken headstones
Of two broken fallens;

Many long lost memories
Of all the long lost lives,
Shedding long lost tears
From all the long lost cries;

Questions turn to dust with time
As songs turn to dust in pain,
Stories turn to dust at end
And bodies turn to dust the same;

Forever we regret bad choices
And they regret their own,
As two regret their awful end
And all regret our tone;

We will move on in heart and hand
As all move on in bone,
Their souls move on together
When once they moved alone.

(Mina Rei 2004)

Fallen Souls

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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