Expectations - words

By shellicherise

I don’t know how to do this...
So I guess I’ll just start talking.
I wanted to create art and
To say something or do something or create anything
That might make a difference
So listen closely or you might miss
What I have to say, cause my point is this
I have dedication to fulfilling expectations
Of my mom and dad and sister and brother and cousins and neighbors and people I’ve never even met.
You’re going to make a difference, they say
And I say okay,
After meditation and prayer and supplication
I decided education, do what we can to make it better,
So here’s my question:
Where’s your dedication?
Is it to animals or children
Or schools or religion
Politics or music
Cooking or slapstick
I don’t know what your passion is,
Maybe it’s Michael Bay movies
Or chips ahoy cookies
Poetry, symphony, equality, literacy,
Natural hair, daycares, solar flares, clean air,
Here’s what I know.
I once knew a man who was like me and you
He worked and played and lived each day
Never hurt a fly, but never dared to care,
When I asked him why, he would sit and stare,
And this man, he’s fine,
He’s well and alive,
But he could do more,
You could do more.
I could do more.
No one is born special.
We’re brought to this earth and we’re given a gift
A talent, a charm, something,
But we have to decide to do something
Anything, to give back.
Nothing is spontaneous,
Art isn’t instantaneous
It may not be glamorous,
But change isn’t guaranteed to us,
We have to do it,
So choose your passion,
Make your difference.
Set no limitations and exceed expectations.

Expectations - words

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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