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i wonder why you didn't cry when you said its over. that word that brought me back from my fantasy. that word hit like a punch in the face, it hurt me more than you will ever know. that day i did for ever my heart is black now and i can't turn back from the fact that my love was pure and yours was just for show, the kiss we shared did it mean something to you or was it just for fun, the heart i shared, the thoughts i shared with you did mean something i bet not for i opened up like a 1,000 page book. you played me like a fool and that will never happen again for my trust will have to be earned for people that want to know me, you have killed that chance with that knife you have stabbed in my back. the book is only open to a few now just to let you know, to let you know that I didn't break from this i'll will get stronger. now as i wipe away the tear off my face from writing this page in my book that i want you all to know that it kills to break some ones heart.

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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