By MusicMunchies

A fusillade of flames,
a dagger in the back,
like all the words you said,
I wish you'd take them back.

This bleeding is internal,
like all the knives in my spine.
dig a little deeper,
see if you can find,

The heart that you once owned,
the one you bruised and battered,
come on grab a shovel,
let's find the thing in tatters.

Once you weren't a tyrant,
at one time you were a god.
and oh, my love, how I worshiped,
that angel I found was a fraud.

Oh how many times you promised!
to love me forever and ever.
Come now let's not be bitter. wink
We both, then that are more clever.

Come finish me off, just tear out my heart,
It'll be just like ripping off a band aid,
come my goddess, send me to death,
that glorious place to be unmade.

To have you back would be a mockery,
your eyes so pale and blue,
but tell me who to replace you with,
cause if you are not then who could be true?

Is all such devotion a deviant?
a lie so ready to crumble?
Watch your footing my sweet sacrifice,
or else perhaps you might just stumble

and fall back to the plane of mortals,
Oh look! you're already here!
But I'll not be your shield barer this time
let another knight save you from fear.

May darkness always flee from you,
even though the light stings your eyes,
can you hear my screams, my sweet?
My loathsome dirge like cries?

They're not because I miss you,
be gone and never again come hence,
It's because you tore out my heart;
I survived and it doesn't make sence.

I could care less if you came back,
tears line my face like streams,
you no longer have a hold on me,
cause all you are is just a horrible dream.

A dark day makes a darker night.


Created: Jul 24, 2010


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