of us, and them.

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Of Us and Them
By Allison M. Taylor

we are all, angel-headed hipsters…
we are all, addicted to something…
we are all, drugs
we are all, sex
we are all, music
we are all, words
we are all, life
we are all,

We are crippling insecurities under masks of impervious arrogance.
Those of us that are truly the tricksters,
face forward with humble eyes
hiding the audacity of a god inside.

we are escapists.
we are bohemians.
we are profound lovers,
vicious fighters.
we are tortured and tragic

but brilliant.

we are more alive than you will ever know
for the innumerable deaths suffered behind closed doors,

but far too tenacious to lie down so softly.
we are vivid & voracious.

we are stories untold.

we are the lost boys & the fallen girls of our digital, vain, glossy-eyed generation.

we sit in coffee shop corners and under burnt-out bulbs in bars.

behind our books & laptops,

inside our headphones,

underneath our hats….

we watch.

we analyze.

we take it all in

twist it around,

and give it back with a whole new sense of depth and desirability.

we are artists,

in every way,

every facet of our illuminated souls breathes creation.

i would love love LOVE to see someone do something wonderful with this :)

Created: Jul 24, 2010


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