Oustentatious By Perception.

By AScarletSeason

I'm not your batting cage.
Something to hit
Something to take out your rage.
I can't be your play toy
At your beck and call.
I'm not your call girl.
I don't strip and
I don't kiss on the lips.
Just leave me alone.
I'm not ready for lust
Nor am I ready for love.
Your sweet poison words
Don't phase me
I see right through
Your mesh heart.
You've got nothing there.
No wear, no tear.
So unless you show me a sign
of some little complacency,
I wont give you the time of day.
So stop nagging me
Stop brushing up against me in the hallways
Take your pretenses
And shove 'em.
They're not wanted by me,
Save them for your lovers
Your whores that you
Visit every full moon.
Howl at the moon in your cry
For never having me
When you thought you did.
I never gave you lies.
I never led you on.
My lips only gave you bittersweet truths
And my small hands the
anger of my female nature.
Do I avoid you?
Do I mistreat you?
I take what's mine and give
what's mine.
Learn a lesson from a girl
That's lived a hard-knock life.
You'd never know
You'd never tell
'Cause you can't see past your own nose.
Your mind is fogged with pride and jealousy.
And your words make no sense!
So once again I tell you
Leave me alone.
I don't want your bribery gifts.
I don't want your damn flowers.
I don't want anyone.
I don't need anyone.
So leave me the fuck alone.
Leave me the way I was before I met you
And every one of your kind.

Oustentatious By Perception.

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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