Rain Dance.

By AScarletSeason

It's the rain of the times
That makes these minds unwind
Into what they have now become.
We go blank
At the thought of the brink
That we fall off of every day.
To comprehend
the bend
In the road
That will take us to paradise
Is the unconceivable.
No one breaks apart
To set free
To breathe
To join in song
To dance the dance for rain
Is the call-out not heard in this realm?
Cannot the heavens above hear the music?
It is now she
She that now sings
Her love song to the wind
The thunder under her wings
And there she breathes
The sweet air of freedom
Freedom of a new day
That in this way
her plea has been heard.
It's a falling up
Not a falling out
Who knows...
she could just be falling
But the falling feels good,
too good to let go.
The vastness of the possibilities!
To be free!
What now her eyes can see!
She has broken the norm,
the cycle of the ring
with the song she sings.
Yes, it's the rain,
the washing away of pain
For the time being we see.
They see,
they hear
they feel the fear she feared
and know it is no more.
Maybe this is the potion
To stir the motion
To get the wheels going
For the future generation.
The revolt
The magnum power.
Maybe now they will gain strength,
Heed the word of a not-so-innocent girl
“It's in the mouths of babes!”
They say...
So why don't they listen to their own words?

- - - - - - -

“Rain, rain is the channel that no one wants to turn to.
A series of bad signals that no one wants to belong to.
Yet it purifies and brings purpose for the next sunny day”

[ Rain – Nivea ]

- - - - - - -

Rain Dance.

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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