The Sidewalk Fiddler

By iantense

The Sidewalk Fiddler

The C sharp trickles down to a B flat
Followed by a small session of pizzicato
That resonates in the ears of passer-byes
Only one in every 18 drops some change into his open violin case.
A quick crescendo leads to a fast upbeat stanza
His unwashed, unzipped coat flutters slightly as he taps his foot
A family stops for a minute to watch him finish his improvisation
He finishes on a beautiful E string note,
But that follows by an unpleasant random Bartók pizz
The sidewalk fiddler drops his violin into the nickel littered case
He sits down with his back on the wall and his legs arching at 85 degrees
He wipes his sweat ridden hair back and takes a breather
His callused fingers close his case and grab the handle
He stands up with his case and takes it down the subway stairway
Leaving the sidewalk to its eerie silence

The Sidewalk Fiddler

Created: Jul 23, 2010

Tags: fiddle, city, sidewalk, silence, music

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