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The sun rises over a watery landscape; the sheer beauty of the place is breathtaking. A neat looking ship sways back and forth in the harbors light breeze. Back and forth, back and forth it sways. Down in the ship’s hull are three people, two men, and one beautiful brunette. Sherry is putting together a breakfast of green eggs and prosciutto. Looking frustrated, she bangs two pans together to wake the boys from their nocturnal states. Both fall clumsily from their beds, terrified and confused.

“What was that for?” exclaimed Otis.

“There is not time for sleep on a day such as this. The ability to work with the weather will not last long” replied Sherry.

Otis and Milan groggily grumble to the table. Sherry lays a plate for each, the scrambled green eggs mimicking a scorching sun, the prosciutto waving like waves.

“Did you both dream as was required, nothing but open blue skies and white birds?” inquired Sherry.

“Wull, why can’t we just dream OUR dreams? I don’t see the problem with having a “stimulating” dream every once in a while” Milan said grumpily. He turns back to his eggs, eyes low, scruffy hair around his frowning mouth.

“Oh, is that what is going to get us up in the air?”

“Well, it will get something up” Milan mumbles.

Sherry ignores this remark; the thought is simply repulsive to her. Milan has never been her favorite person since being stuck on this ship for the past year. She busies herself with the steaming dishes and soap.

After the meal, they had eaten their fill, and return to top deck to discuss.

“Today is the day” Otis exclaimed, overcome with joy at the perfect conditions.

“I am not so sure. It feels like bad weather to me” Milan countered.

They look at the sky, not a cloud in site, only magnificent sun and beautiful blue skies with specs of white birds, almost like stars at night.

“Okay, it’s close to time. Otis, go down to the jipperwheel and make ready the snorffpeel” commanded Sherry. Sherry had always been strong headed and fair hearted.

Otis, being a good boy, does what he is told. The level of commitment to Sherry has always been magnanimous.

“Milan, make ready the sail. We have only till the long paw is at the infinite spot.”

“Sherry, what is the deal. How is any of this going to lift us from these empty waters?”

“It was destined and told to me by a very important person. Would you question something that does not good to question? If I am wrong, no harm will come. If I am right, we will be home for rest of our nights.”

Milan does as he is told, climbs to the top of the main sail. There he takes the sail and undoes the holdings to let it fall free. The sail is filled with holes, though they are not random or unthought. Their pattern makes a spider webs cot. The circular motion spiraling inwards on itself, with long, straight lines exploding from the center, each connected to the spiral with a knot.

Sherry yells up to Milan “Now the bubble mixture, and quick the time is arrived.”

Milan takes a large bucket of suds, and pours it all down the front of the sail. As was predicted, just as this happens, through the harbor comes a mighty gale. It last only a moment but it is just long enough to blow the bubbles into have dome shapes that fill in the gaps. The mixture is special though, not just any normal bubble mix; it is spritely and strong, exponentially tough. With a creak and a groan, the boat starts to slide along the empty waters of the bay.

“Otis, are you helming the jipperwheel?” Sherry screams down the hall.

“Yes ma’am I am, and the snorfflepeel is ready and set for you to deal.”

As the ship gains momentum, Otis holds the jipperwheel steady, ready for the jump. It had yet to be seen, but at the edge of the world, their world, is a large waterfall which is both scary and beautiful.

“Make haste, hold the line Milan, and strap yourself in” Sherry yelled to her compatriot.

Milan does as he is told, not sure whether he should be fearful or bold. Sherry scampers below deck to the snorfflepeel. It is a long zigzag lever with a Mickey Mouse hand. She looks through a spy glass that peers out the bow, the moment she has been waiting for is finally here and now. Just feet from the edge, she gives the hand a high five and the lever drops through the floor. With not a moment to spare, she stomps on the hand, and with a shutter the ship lifts into the air.

All three scream for joy, as the air propels them forward towards the beautiful sun, exactly where they want to be.

As the light begins to blind them, they know they have made it, unable to contain their joy.

Then suddenly as they go through the light, the story stops there, and begins with a mother reading a book to her little boy.

“Now that we are done, it is time for you to sleep, sun. I hope you enjoyed your story”

“I did momma. I love you.”

“Sweet dreams my miracle” Sherry replies, affectionately.

She kisses her boy softly on the head, and walks into her husband’s arms. They have been through so much and can’t tell their son. Otis kisses his wife... and smiles.


Created: Jul 23, 2010


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