A little bugs adventure (If anybody wanted to add visuals that woul...

By RedrustedHat

[title cont: ...d be so awesome =])] One day a young bug was far away from home, laying comfortably in a leaf, rain drops started to fall and he started to retreat!

He climbed down the stalk as did his buggy friends; they had to take cover just like their buggy parents said

But none of their parents were around, they tried to call out but through the rain they wouldn’t be able to hear a sound

He continued to climb down and down, the stalk was very high and he seen one of his flying buggy friends fly by

The flying bug landed near “Get on my back and I’ll fly you out of here”

He climbed on the flying bug and held on tight and prepared for flight

The flying bug extended his wings and the bug on his back thought surely this must be a dream

They took off like a shot and the bug on his back let out a scream

The flying bug assured him they would be fine, that they were a team

Dodging the drops weaving back and forth, his only goal was to survive and see the sun rise once more

But the rain dropped harder and the flying bug could go no farther

The rain pummeled them and took them out of flight, they fought with all their might but the ground was getting closer and closer in sight

Before they met the ground below, to their surprise the rain stopped and a rainbow showed

The young bug asked the flying bug well what does that mean, where are we at? And the flying bug replied I don’t know but every bug knows when a rainbow shows that’s the way home

A little bugs adventure (If anybody wanted to add visuals that woul...

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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