Couplets (School Edition)

By nosiwohL

Just found these while going through old notebooks. The following are couplets I wrote four years ago in high school:

Period 1 (Math)
"I don't know how to simplify,
‘Cause no one explains not how, but why?”

Period 2 (English)
“Shakespeare wrote wonderful plays and sonnets,
I just wish some were in modern day English.”

Period 3 (Computer)
“I already know how to use Excel,
Why do you force me to use it well?”

Period 4 (Study Hall)
“I’m always excited for study hall,
Although sometimes it can be rather dull.”

Period 5 (Biology)
“I want to move on to dissecting things,
Kid just fainted, his scream still rings.”

Period 6 (Cultures)
“My twenty-something teacher knows absolutely nothing at all,
He doesn't know when they destroyed the Berlin Wall.”

Period 7 (German)
“Meine Lehrerin ist manchmal langweilig,
Aber die Schüler sind klug und sehr lustig."

Couplets (School Edition)

Created: Jul 23, 2010

Tags: high school

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