monkey me

By kgarv

now, as i am in the picture, it's pretty obvious that i did not take the picture. all the credit goes to mr. clark waite.
i feel that this picture needs explanation:
i'm an youth intern at a church in town, and every year, we take the kids around to garage sales, goodwill, shady flea markets, etc. and just let them buy junk. they love it, we love it, their parents...kind of love it.
our youth minister, brad, found this monkey suit at goodwill for a mere $4, a rare find, i tell you. of course he bought it for the costume closet at the church.
my fellow intern, evan, has a scooter. vroom vroom scooter, not a razor scooter. so i donned the monkey suit, hopped on the back of the scooter, gathered my tail and we took off, followed by lee and clark, riding nonchalantly through the busiest intersection in town to the campus ministry where we work. and who did we see but our fearless leader, bob. also known as our boss.
before i took off the suit [let's just say...the heat index today is 105, and that suit is not made of breathable fabric], clark insisted on a quick photo sesh, where this beaut was snapped.
my job is awesome.

monkey me

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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