Dear Joe,

By BolognaxTM

Hi I'm Toni! I just want to take this time to thank you for creating such a place where you can grow creatively I know I have. I have been a part of the hitRECord community for a while, I joined in November 29th 2009. I love every experience I encountered and the friends I've made. You and the members of hitRECord have inspired me to do things that I would never get a chance to do only being 16. I have decided to write a short story and never thought myself as a writer. After learning that I'm not the strongest artist, I was still able to participate in the community by clicking the heart to many different pieces of artwork. hitRECord made me realize more that I want to own an art gallery and still work on my writing. You and my hitRECord friends have inspired me each day. They are always there for me. I just want to Thank You again for inspiring me and for connecting me with some of the most incredible people in the world.
Love Toni

Dear Joe,

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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