My Journey Began on December 1st 2012

By TanjaTHEAwesome

On December 1st 2012 I received my Apprentice Instructor rank in Filipino Martial Arts (a.k.a Lakan Guro) and black belt. My dad stands proudly next to me in this photo. I am blessed and thankful that I can train with my dad and that I've been taught by some amazing martial artists who've been patience and kind to me. I hope I can return the favor by doing the same for my students. I'm happy and I'm looking forward to learning how to teach. I also know that no matter how many certificates I carry or how many black belts I have I will always be learning.

Once you fall in love with something it's hard to give up. Maybe that's why I never could give up no matter how hard I tried to sabotage myself. I would come back from training frustrated and pissed off because I just couldn't get it. Or those days were I was picked to demonstrate and failed miserably. I'd feel like leaving, you know? Like I didn't have that magic "talent" for marital arts. I'm no Bruce Lee but I've got passion and that shit don't come easy. Passion is not giving up even if you fail again and again the reward is that you didn't surrender to your fear of failure. You learn to see failure for what it really is, learning.

Have passion, passion carries you through anything no matter how hard it is passion is a force unstoppable.

Again by heart <3

My Journey Began on December 1st 2012

Created: Feb 03, 2013

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