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the imaginary scientist

By rayperez

There was once an imaginary scientist named Ludwig Von Liebesheize. He devised a theory that humans had no feeling in their hearts and that all feelings were, in fact, simply interpretations manifest by the human brain. He studied the subject for years, monitoring heart and brain activity simultaneously, while attempting to conjure specific emotions in the human subjects. The results were extraordinary. He found that all readings of brain activity effected by the dealings of love and affection were pinpointed and exclusive to one tiny area of the brain. One microscopic receptor cell that intercepted any and all amorous neural activity. He called it the Amorinoid Receptor. The results of his studies also showed that there were only three kinds of love which stimulated the amorinoid receptor: New Love, Forbidden Love, and Lost Love. Anything else: as though it didn't exist. When subjects were asked if they loved their mother, amorinoid signals were sent from the brains of only those whose mothers were deceased. The same occured when parents were asked about their children. The same occured when subjects were asked about husbands and wives...all results were the same with the exception of newlyweds within the first three months of marriage and parents in the first three months of having children. His findings seemed to demonstrate that it was easier for humans to show love if they received and sent signals from the amorinoid receptor....but only the three loves triggered this effect. Since all other forms of love were more difficult to detect, they were most often ignored. (i can't work out the ending, so i need some hitrecorders' help. the following is what i did, but i'm not happy with it. please help?) Von Liebesheize spent most of his life studying the intricacies of love-induced biological activity. He traveled the world studying humans from all walks of life, but no matter where he went the results were always the same. He wanted so much to figure out why, but eventually his age caught up with him before he found his answer. He died alone.....and now the memory of Ludwig Von Liebesheize triggers 3 signals in my amorinoid receptor....3 signals .....3 kinds of love.... all @ once.

the imaginary scientist

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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