What Is Funny?

By hjstuckey

Okay basically what i'm thinking is for this to become an animated instructional video on how to be funny with a voice over style. Please feel free to edit anything and give any advise. so I'm thinking probably 5-10 points. When i started writing i decided i wouldn't finish and let some other people put in there ideas. Thanks a lot guys.

What Is Funny?

As a person is is not considered traditionally funny, i have spent the last few months researching things that make people laugh and see what makes these things funny. I have managed to break down humour into (5-10ish?) easy to understand topics of Funniness.

1. Pain. Pain is funny. Laughing at the pain of others makes people forget about there own pain. By this logic of course people don’t find there own pain funny , as i assume you do not find your pain funny... but other people do. This means that stories of your pain you do not consider funny will be hilarious to others. There is no pain maximum, all pain is funny and the more pain you feel the funnier it is. If you learn to laugh at your own pain you life will get more and more funny as life gos on.

2. Ethnic Jokes. Ethnic jokes are funny. Making stereo typical jokes about someones ethnicity is very funny be cause it causes emotional pain (See Number 1). But be warned some people of ethnic backgrounds you make fun of may find your jokes so funny they will want to return the favour by causing you hilarious amounts of pain. (see Number 1).

3. Unexpected things. Unexpected things are funny. If you see something that makes you say or think, “I wasn’t expecting that,” that thing is very funny. By this logic comedians who tell jokes that people don’t laugh at are more hilarious than comedians who get lots of laughs. If a comedian tells a joke and no one laughs, this simply means that the joke was so funny that the crowed wished to return the favour by doing something unexpected and not laughing. Therefore if no one laughs at a comedians joke the polite thing for the comedian to do is laugh hysterically.


What Is Funny?

Created: Jul 23, 2010

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