Elysian Fields

By dawnofdusk

Upon thy heart I set, love,
The crown which once was mine.
A wreath of blood and sweat, love,
Of jewels and gold divine,
All testament to pride and powers,
And all reaped from the vine.

Ah, may this stone be cast!
Ah, steady Fate! that sendeth prize
But to a restless mast!
A tradewind whispers softly, wise,
'On, on!' - but to outlast
Bright stars! within plutonian skies
pert, placidly steadfast

Written in the poetic style of Edgar Allan Poe's "To One in Paradise."
Still missing four stanzas, but it is currently 3:02 AM and I think it could wait until my sleep cycle is fully balanced again.

Elysian Fields

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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