The Moment

By lowsay101

That one moment
At the one time
We will never receive again
I replay it in my head
With a long pause

Noting happened
But it happened
Everything I could ask for
Thrown at me
With chains locked
On what I was allowed to do

That could have been “the moment”
Was the perfect timing
Perfect surrounding
Perfect chance
To end this story
And the moment past

Like ever moment we have had slipped by
One after another
And another
Great moments that could have lead to great memories
Gone, forever
In the “could have been pile”
Along with “us”

I am sure in the moment
You were thinking about her
And you know what I was thinking about?

That moments gone
I know, but I won’t forget it
Though nothing happened as usual
It was still a moment
Along with all the other moments I won’t forget

It’s like God teases me
Showing me what great opportunities I could have
That I let slip past my finger tips
Because I am not allowed to pass that border
Of our friendship
That moment indeed tortured me
But, hey, at least it was something
I suppose
Thanks for that moment
It will live in my heart with all our
Other great moments

The Moment

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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