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[title cont: ...xed)] Bastien was a balloon in the great Big Apple- New York City. He traveled around the beautiful Central Park his whole life on a vender's cart with many other balloons. All the balloons were eager to leave their cart and see more of the world.

Bannon was a white balloon that hoped some boy would pluck him out of all the other balloons and maybe take him to the top of the Empire State Building so that he could look out at the great city that so many people visited and spoke of.

Barbara wanted a girl to pick her, the pretty yellow balloon, and take her to Times Square where she could see the bright lights.

Bernard just wanted to escape the hotdog vender because he hated the smell and complained of it all day long.

Bastien was the only balloon who wanted to escape into the open and unknown sky. It was so blue, so fresh. But Bastien was tied to the cart on a string an wouldn't be set free until someone cut him loose. So for a while Bastien spent his days on the cart waiting for his great day to arrive.

Finally one day a boy named James asked the vender for the red balloon that had the longest string. The vender cut Bastien from the pack and handed him off to James who strolled around with him happily for a few hours. His hand eventually became tired and his mother said, "James, I told you when you bought that balloon that there was no way I would hold it, no matter how tired your arms got".

So James let hs red balloon go off into the sky with a bittersweet feeling in his gut, knowing he'd had his fun with Bastien and it was time to let go. Bastien was thrilled and darted off through the fresh blue sky he had longed to be a part of so much.

He got up towards the beautiful, fluffy clouds and found it all as spectacular as he had pictured. He giddly soared even higher and higher until, finally, he was in outer space. He lived out the remainder of his balloon life soaring in the vast unknown and eventually found The Land of the Lost Balloons where he fell in love with a balloon named Blanca from Mexico.


Created: Jul 23, 2010


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