My Fathers Window

By deepskytraveler

This site means a lot to me, why? Because this is how I started recording music with artists from around the world who I never met! I have worked with some amazing talent! I currently work with David Bowie's former percussionists. Now fast forward to now and here I am performing shows in Second Life, a virtual word where I can perform using my avatar & connect with fans in real time. There are no walls there, one can take their imagination as far as they want! That is also what I am doing with my band Deepsky Traveler. So I am performing with a band which is a trio who I met via the net four years ago. As you can imagine I am busy. I am still find musicians to provide the song for me to sing on. Regular Joe is an inspiration to me in both acting and this site which I can call one of the best ever hatched. Here is a song of my band Deepsky Traveler titled "My Fathers Window", what is unique about it is it was sort of written before it was birthed. A young man who I had known graduated from college and unfortunately at a young age came down with cancer which went into remission. He met a girl, fell in love and planned to marry Well two weeks before he was to marry he passed away. His dad who is a professor at a local college was devastated as you can imagine. Well my band, being hard alternative rock had this rare & unique song in a folder titled "My Father's Window". The rest is history this is the story as told by the band. I wrote and recorded the vocals. If you are inspired by this please feel free to create the story for the song. Joe, thank you for one of the greatest sites ever. You are brilliant. I hope this inspires you!.

My Fathers Window

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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