Side of the Road

By cassie

I wrote this a few years ago and have always wanted a visual component for it but never tried to give it life except in words. Thought it would be great to see what anyone else might be able to do with it:

A young girl was lying in the grass, staring at the sky. Her face spoke words that few voices could carry. Wherever she was, the only thing she could hear was the sound of the clouds slowly shifting every which way. Cars drove by, occasionally slowing to see the rise and fall of her chest.

"Home is just a little ways away," she thought, "Home is not where the heart is, not if you don't trust your heart."

The breeze slowly curled over her body and ants grew confused when she refused to swat them to the ground, the feeling of their legs not bothering her. She was far away by then, soaking up the rays and never moving, the clouds taking her to where she feels she belongs.

"Spring has taken hold. Nothing else matters. Not yet anyway. Soon life will come calling. You can only lie still so long before it comes back to pick you off your feet. The voices of prior engagements bring your mind back down from the heavens. Just a little longer. I'm not ready. It's not time. The clouds need company. Letting go is not an option, not now anyway."

A car blared its horn. Frazzled people who can only see the abnormal in a girl lying by the side of the road.

She closed her eyes and wished for peace as she heard the car slow to a stop.
"Are you ok?"
"What are you doing there?" He looked at the sky, expecting to see something exciting.
"Taking a break."
"From what?"
The man lay down next to her, trying to see what she could see. What secret was above that she wasn't sharing.
"What are you - "
"Shh, just look."

They laid there until the sun reached the end of its journey, ready to make another go someplace else, never stopping, spinning the waves of time, ignoring the two as they began to see the stars.
"This is nice," the man said.
"It's supposed to be."
"I was on my way to work. I don't think I'll be working after this, but you looked so peaceful. I wanted to see what was going on up there. I'm glad."

She didn't respond to any of it. She understood. The world above can be much more favorable than what's on the ground. It gives you peace of mind, lets you know what you've been struggling for. It lets it be ok to take the path of the wanderer, tells you there's more to live for than 9-5 and medals, speaks more than the most beautiful lullaby, comforts, holds, tells you everything's ok, that being small doesn't mean you have to give up, and that the accepted path is not always the right one. It wipes away your fears, gives you a hug you didn't know you needed.

"You can't be sitting here. I'm going to have to ask you to move."

Red and blue took over the stars; the pair slowly rose to their feet. The man had tears on his cheeks.

"I don't know how to thank you, miss."
"What for? You decided to delve deeper than the side of the road."
"Do you need a ride anywhere?"
"No, I can walk," she looked down at her bare feet, "Home's not far off."

Side of the Road

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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